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ClimbOn provides a support team for young adults as they transition from homelessness into a sustainable job and career path. Partnering with YouthCare (winner of the Governor's 2008 Best Practices Award for Education and Employment for Homeless Youth), ClimbOn serves the graduates of YouthCare's workforce development programs who have proven track records and are dedicated to becoming contributing and self-reliant adults.

Through partnerships with the Northwest business community and a network of professional coaches, ClimbOn provides career counseling, appropriate referrals, career exploration, and access to subsidized and unsubsidized work placements.

Ultimately, ClimbOn collaborates with community partners to help homeless young adults move toward financial self-sufficiency and increased self-esteem. Young adults are re-claimed and accepted as contributing members of our community and thus ending the cycle of youth homelessness.

To find out more, download our Information Sheet here. (PDF)

contact information

103 31st Ave. S, Seattle, WA 98144  |  phone 206.651.4515  |  e-mail

our mission

To create a community of partners committed to ending the cycle of homelessness by providing access to career opportunities for young adults ready to re-enter our community.

our core values
  • Respect for the dignity & worth of the whole person
  • Access to equal opportunity
  • Responsive & comprehensive support system
  • The right to basic employment that promotes a sustainable lifestyle
  • Individual accountability